escalade winterguard banner rifle toss

Escalade Winter Guard Association – Bursary The Escalade Winter Guard Association understands the importance of encouraging performers to pursue excellence in their activity and the value that this can provide to organizations in the Province of Alberta.
When performers choose to audition for Pageantry groups, they are committing to push themselves to improve skills, to learn more and to experience competition at the highest level their activity has to offer.
This benefits Alberta by exposing our future staff to World-Class instructors and experiences that they can bring back to share with the up-and-coming generation of performers.
In order to support these individuals, the Escalade Winter Guard Association has created a bursary of $500 for a qualified performer to apply to their expenses for their chosen activity.
Interested applicants are asked to write a short essay explaining why they want to join their potential organization, what experience they hope to gain from their endeavor and how they will share their knowledge when they return home.
Successful applicants will be expected to write at least three blog posts that will share their journey and experiences. It is also expected that this individual will pursue a role of leadership within their area of expertise upon their return to help give back to the community.
Please remit your short essay to We wish everyone the very best in their pageantry endeavours.